“Harley and Chopper are eating Buddy Custard every day to keep healthy and away from chronic illnesses that afflict dogs so commonly. It’s their favorite part of the day!”

“Sophie Marie is our 13 1/2 year old Cockachon (Cocker/Bichon).  In February, after having repeated UTI’s, she was diagnosed with bladder cancer.  We were told by two veterinaries that she only had about two months and that they would more than likely be fairly unpleasant for her.  Both recommended that putting her down would be an immediate options, if we agreed.  We were devastated, but Sophie is a member of our family and I just wasn’t ready to give up on her.  I started researching bladder cancer in dogs on the internet and the information was frightening.  I came across a blogger that mentioned Buddy Custard and the favorable results.  So I placed an order and we started Sophie on it immediately. We are now four months later and Miss Sophie is going very well.  We are not giving her the pain or antibiotic medications that she was prescribed by the vet.  She is eating, playing and is our normal little girl.  We are very delighted with her condition and are hopeful that it continues as long as possible.  We intend to continue feeding her the Buddy Custard — so loves it.”

Greg and Becky Arnott

“Charlie’s favorite part of the day is her delicious all natural Buddy Custard, keeping her healthy and feeling young.”

Buddy Custard Charlie and ball
Elizabeth Romano

“This older picture is her “after”, representing that despite mammary cancer, with the help of Buddy Custard, she was able to survive to experience the normal old age of a healthy dog. (She was diagnosed several years previously). Words cannot express our gratitude to the Buddy Custard product for saving our Jesse. It’s nothing short of a miracle custard.”

Ron & Sherrie Hughes

“Didi was a poodle mix we rescued one day before she was to be put down due to a large tumor in her heart. She had previous tumors removed but this one was inoperable. She developed severe edema (see pic.) as her organs began to shut down. Even her vet was reluctant to continue treatment. As you can see, she responded so well we were able to enjoy her for 4 more healthy happy years. Thanks to Buddy Custard, Didi was the best dog we ever had!”

Kim & Neil Hutchinson

“I have two Staffordshire Bull Terriers, this is what happened with them: Alfie’s vet said his cancer was very aggressive (3 grapefruit sized inoperable tumors in the abdomen) and would take him within 3 weeks. He lived another 16 months, bouncing around like a puppy most days, and other ailments cleared too. Alfie’s sister Ruby was diagnosed with a mass in her spleen after collapsing at home. The mass was bleeding, creating a response called ‘autoimmune hemolytic anemia”. It was a life threatening situation, therefore after stabilizing the anemia she had here spleen and mass removed. Our vet was expecting it to be malignant and to have spread, in line with her experience of this condition. The vet was 99.9% sure that Ruby had cancer. To her utter surprise the mass showed no sign of cancer…..she said the lab report must have been wrong!
Since Alfie’s diagnosis I gave them both the flax oil/ cottage cheese formula. Ruby had less FOCC, more as a preventative measure. I truly believe it is this that prevented this mass from being cancerous, it measured 3×3 inches! Needless to say we were thrilled to have a second success with the Budwig Protocol for dogs.”


“Charlie loves eating Buddy Custard. It’s not only delicious but it keeps him energetic and healthy for a long time!”

Emily Rogers

“Thank you for saving Wanda, we are eternally grateful! We were skeptics at first and we never thought this could be possible, but that quickly changed. This product helped our Wanda beat the Hemangiosarcoma againt all odds. BuddyCustard is truly a miracle. You don’t fully appreciate what you have until it’s too late and are about to lose that special member of your family. The positive impact that this had on our family can’t be expressed in words. I only wish more people will learn about the benefits of BuddyCustard before it’s too late for their dogs.”

The Kelly Family

“When Roca was diagnosed with Lymphoma we were frozen with fear, not knowing what to do next. We heard horrific stories about this disease and we felt helpless. A friend turned us on to a miraculous flax oil/ cottage cheese blend and this has been a godsend. After a few short months our vet was as surprised as we were to see her so improved. For this we couldn’t be more thankful.”

Brendon MaCcullam

“I have recently started giving my 3 dogs the buddy custard. My dogs are on average 12 human years. One had a huge tumor on his hip, now it is greatly reduced (a couple of weeks). This dog was not eating very well at all and now he is eating with gusto. Another one of my dogs has some ugly looking moles. I have seen some change there also.”

James Gardner

“My dog, Shilo was diagnosed with Myelogenous Leukemia with suppression of red blood cells and platelet production. The U. of Minn, St. Paul, which is one of the best vet hospitals in the country did a bone marrow on Shilo who is only 3 1/2 years old and a CBC fount cancer cells a lot in his blood. All they could offer was to put him on Prednisone and buy him a little time. Depressed and very sad I went on the internet and discovered the information on the Flax oil/cottage cheese combination. The next day I started Shilo on 3 tablespoons a day and right away I started seeing results. Four days later I took him back to the vet and they did another CBC test. They were amazed and didn’t understand why his white count was normal (after having hardly any white blood cells at all). His platelets were clotting normal and he was producing red blood cells at a fast rate. The vets were baffled. They also could not find one Cancer cell in his blood. Shilo weighs 56 lbs. and is a Golden Retriever. She is feeling great and acting like a normal dog and 10 days ago had a 106 temp and was dying.”