Best supplements for dogs with cancer

Has your dog been diagnosed with cancer? Cancer is a disease that affects the proper functioning of the body by the development of cells at an uncontrollable rate. Cancer cells develop and divide, and die in sequenced, coordinated way. Cancer cells, however, develop and divide, and instead of dying, live longer than normal cells and develop more rogue cells. Cancer can originate in the organs, bones, blood, and tissues.

Thankfully, 30-40% of canine cancers can be averted by diet & natural supplements for dogs with cancer. So whether your pet is down with hemangiosarcoma, mammary cancer, brain cancer, mast cell tumors, chondrosarcoma, or canine lymphoma, there are some best supplements for dogs with cancer.


supplements for dogs with cancer


Omega-3 fatty acids as supplements for dogs with cancer

Omega-3 is a fatty nutrient derived from fish oil. This dietary supplement helps to strengthen their immune system to fight cancer. Specifically, omega-3 slow or even impede the development and spread of certain cancers. In a recent study involving 32 dogs with lymphoma. The supplementation of their meals with omega-3, high with EPA and DHA, considerably improved their disease frequency and lifespan.


Ketogenic diet

Cancer saps glucose-supplied energy that is would be otherwise used by the dog to perform vital biological functions. Since this observation was discovered in the 1920s, countless strategies have been devised to replace carbohydrate diets with fatty diets, as cancers can’t thrive off fat.


best supplements for dogs with cancer


Based on this, the Warburg theory predicts that a typical ketogenic diet consists of 80-90% fat (e.g. coconut oil), 5-15% protein (chicken) and 5% carbohydrates in the form of vegetables. Almonds, cheddar cheese, avocado, nuts, seeds, hard-boiled eggs, olives, kale chips, amongst others are some keto components that can improve your dog’s position in his fight against cancer & can be best supplements for dogs with cancer.



Curcumin as natural supplements for dogs with cancer

This is one of the scientifically vetted natural supplements for dogs with cancer. It is an anti-inflammatory supplement with three components, acting as free radical predator. These cancer-fighting nutrients support your dog in his fight against cancer. Can we really prevent cancer in dogs? Yes, we can. There are lots of natural remedies and natural supplements for dogs with cancer that can support your canine friend. We have highlighted some of the very best and the earlier you try them out, the better your pet’s wellness outcomes.

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