Exploring Natural Remedies for Cancer in Dogs

As with humans, dogs often get cancer, especially as they grow older. And while conventional medical measures are the more popularly known approach to mitigate the number disease killing dogs, they have long-term consequences.

Traditional remediation, also touted as natural remedies for cancer in dogs, involves chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery and these are invasive, infamous for either depositing poisons or “sludge” in the healthy cells leading to health problems, long-term.

Natural remedies for cancer in dogs, however, deploy are holistic, herbal-based, non-invasive, and long-lasting solution to cancerous growths in canines. The difference lies in the fact that it attempts to rebalance the energy framework of the body so that it will eject rogue cells naturally. This placid form of treatment is an alternative that has worked to alleviate cancer with high success rates for both humans and dogs.

Let’s take a deep dive into some of the tried and trusted natural remedies for canine cancer.


natural remedies for cancer in dogs


CBD Oil as one of the natural remedies for canine cancer

Cannabis has been in used to facilitate healing for thousands of years. It’s oil, cannabidiol or CBD, is a non-psychoactive extract of cannabis. It is strikingly unlike THC, the other extract of cannabis known for its psychoactive effects. For epochs, cannabis oil has helped relieve pain while improving heart, eye and skin health. Studies show that CBD is one of the most effective natural remedies for canine cancer. Studies also show that CBD can kill cancer cells and stop the spread of tumors.

Foe dogs who have a poor appetite due to their inflammation, cannabis can help stimulate their appetite. While there is no long-term clinical analysis on CBD as one of the natural remedies for dog tumors, there is a lot of interesting research to add it in this roundup.


Turkey Tail Mushrooms

A 2012 study revealed that turkey tail mushrooms were successfully used to treat hemangiosarcoma in dogs. This tumor is found in the spleen as well as the blood vessels, hence, its high rate of metastasis (full-body spread of a disease).


natural remedies for dog tumors


Surgery is the usually course of action to treat it, but with surgery, only 10% of dogs survive more than 12 months. Thankfully, Turkey Tail remedy has sufficed to become one of the many natural remedies for cancer in dogs because it effectively increases your pet’s lifespan. PSP and PSK are two potent components of Turkey Tail, with PSP being approved as an anti-cancer drug in Japan and China. Ergosterol, another important extract of Turkey Tail has anti-tumor and antioxidant properties.


Comparative analysis has been performed to distinguish between chemo and turkey tail therapy. And while the anti-tumor properties of turkey tail were similar to those recorded by chemotherapy, Turkey Tail does not come with the undesirable side effects and that is why it is widely regarded as one of the most natural remedies for dog tumors. Unlike chemo, it enhances the immune mechanism instead of damaging it.



Phytoplankton As Natural Remedies For Dog Tumors

Phytoplankton are very small plants that float near the surface of the water and serve as one of the most active natural remedies for dog tumors. Phytoplankton contains Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), the king of antioxidants. This is a very potent antioxidant that kills cancerous cells. The National Cancer Institutes has discovered that phytoplankton possess cancer-removing potential. Evidently, animals who have long lifespans like sea turtles contain large quantities of SOD. Animals with a short span like mice contain only a small amount of SOD. We recommend considering SOD as part of your dog’s cancer diet because it is one of the natural remedies for cancer in dogs.

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