Natural dog treats to keep your dog healthy

Nutritious, natural dog treats are lurking in every corner of your kitchen. There are many fruits and vegetables that make remarkable dog treats. If you’re looking to make a natural dog treat that’ll make your dog salivate through and through, then read on.


Buddy Custard natural dog treat

Buddy Custard is a natural dog treat that works by combining very high-grade flaxseed oil and cottage cheese, blended in a very specific way. When the dog ingests Buddy Custard natural dog treat, it infiltrates every cell of the dog’s body. The inspiration for this natural dog treat is based upon The Budwig Protocol developed by Johanna Budwig in the ‘50s. Buddy Custard is a delicious natural dog treat that is beneficial for both healthy sick dogs. Dogs who are fed Buddy Custard natural dog treat are happier and livelier. You can mix Buddy Custard natural dog treat in your pet’s food. Buddy Custard has received rave reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers, who recommend it for daily use.

Features of Buddy Custard natural dog treat


All natural

Great tasting

Does not cause constipation

Remarkable results

Recommended natural dog treat for daily use


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A whole apple is as good for a dog as it is for people. Apples natural dog treats are chock-full of nutrients and fiber, making them great snacks. Just ensure that your pet does not ingest the seeds or the core.

Also you can great creative with apples as there are so many homemade apple natural dog treats to choose from. You can make peanut butter with apple sauce cookies, homemade apple chips, oat and apple pretzel, frozen apple dog ice treats, among others.



As you know, bananas are replete with a variety of healthy nutrients. Most pups love them and they are a natural dog treat, which you need to keep handy at all times. However, given their high-sugar content, you need to be careful not to overdo it. Just give bananas natural dog treats to dogs in moderate quantities. If you want to get creative, you can make banana and honey dog biscuits, homemade peanut butter banana dog treats, frozen banana dog treats, banana carrot dog treats, banana oatmeal dog treats, among others.


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Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables have very high cancer-fighting properties. Feel free to administer broccoli natural dog treats in few pieces. They can be steamed, roasted, and eaten raw. Just make sure they are not seasoned. Dogs, like humans, can digest high-fiber foods.




Blueberries make amazing natural dog treats. They are inundated with antioxidants. They also contain ellagic acid, which stops the metabolic throughway, leading to cancer. The antioxidants in blueberries circumvent cell damage, and the dark pigments (anthocyanins) that give the berry its color possess anti-inflammatory qualities.



When trying out new natural dog treats, it’s best to begin with small portions so that you can observe how your dog’s digestive tract reacts. Overall, be careful not to give your dog natural dog treats that are high in sugar repeatedly because sugar serves as fuel for cancer cells.

  • Didi was supposed to be put down due to a large tumor in her heart. She developed severe edema as her organs began to shut down. She was deformed and depressed. Even her vet was reluctant to treat her. Not only did Buddy Custard save her life, she became a young energetic dog again. See Didi's video
  • Malcolm loves to bark at vacuum cleaners and dig in his owner's backyard. Buddy Custard's products have made sure that he will have many more years of enjoying his favorite hobbies and have a long healthy life.
  • Rascal had a growth on her chest and got on Buddy Custard to get healthy and stay healthy! Ain't she cute?! See Rascal's Video
  • Hemangiosarcoma spread rapidly, impacting Wanda's heart and spleen. Things were looking bleak. The vets were recommending highly aggressive treatments and giving little hope until Buddy Custard came into the picture. Wanda is fully in remission, proving you can't keep a good dog down.
  • Charlie loves eating Buddy Custard. It's not only delicious but it keeps him healthy and energetic for a long time! See Charlie's Video
  • Benji and Sherman fighting over their Buddy Custard, they love eating it every day to stay healthy and feeling young. See Benji & Sherman
  • Charlie's favorite part of the day is her delicious all natural Buddy Custard, keeping her healthy and feeling good for a long time. See Charlie's Video
  • "Luna was diagnosed with a mass cell. The vet said they will remove it and most likely it won't be a problem but it made us realize just how lucky we were to meet you. She loves her custard! She has buddy lips! (see picture) Thank you for all that you've done, she is doing great!" See Picture

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