With so many new terms and options for cancer treatments, a lot of dog owners can get overwhelmed at the choices out there when it comes to choosing the best treatment options for their recently diagnosed dogs. Should they take a natural, organic, or holistic approach to cancer in dogs?

Each option is similar, although different. All 3 indicate that no traditional, man-made medications are being given. Chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, prescription drugs and all other oncology protocols are bypassed. The terms natural, organic and holistic describe the actual products used or the overall approach of the treatment protocol. It’s important to know the difference between the three before choosing holistic care for dogs with cancer.


holistic approach to cancer in dogs


The natural approach to healing cancer means the ingredients contained in the product was grown without additives, preservatives or chemical alterations. However, natural products are not regulated, and they can contain synthetic ingredients. Organic is a term we are more familiar with, it is a type of farming where everything is grown on land that is completely free of chemicals, artificial fertilizers, pesticides, and genetic modification. Holistic does not describe the products involved, it describes the entire approach to the treatment protocol. Therefore, it can be placed on any product without having any real meaning.

If you choose a holistic approach to cancer in dogs, you’ll find one of the first things recommended is to switch to an organic, or possibly even raw diet for your dog. The Budwig Protocol, which Buddy Custard is based upon, is an acknowledged benefit to holistic healing for dogs with cancer. Our all-natural ingredients provide the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese that have been proven to help fight cancer. Two other important factors in holistic healing for dogs with cancer are sunlight, and stress management. Just as it affects people, stress affects dogs by increasing their blood pressure, effectively taking the energy your dog needs to fight cancer and diverting it to fight stress instead. Massage has been shown to help your dog relax, but also to help with muscle pain, stiffness, arthritis, as well as increasing blood flow. When taking a holistic approach to cancer in dogs, blood flow is very important. Blood carries the oxygen and nutrients directly to the tumors and cancer cells, which then allow the malignant cells to “reboot” and heal.



Holistic medicine is defined as a form of healing that incorporates the whole entity – body, mind, and emotions – as they strive to achieve optimal health and wellness. holistic healing for dogs with cancer begins with the idea that the whole animal is made up of interdependent parts. If one of those parts is not working as it should, every other part will be affected. If there is an issue physically, we know that will affect humans mentally and emotionally; it is the same with dogs. Finding the balance between these parts and maintaining their individual health is at the core of the holistic approach to cancer in dogs.


holistic care for dogs with cancer


holistic care for dogs with cancer can involve traditional medicine, that is a very personal choice and something you would need to discuss with your veterinarian. Regardless of if you choose traditional cancer treatment or not, adding holistic care for dogs with cancer is never a bad decision. Your veterinarian may prescribe lifestyle modifications such as dietary changes, exercise (as can be tolerated).

If using holistic care for dogs with cancer, limiting vaccinations is also an important factor. The antibodies which prevent the conditions you are vaccinating for, can cause inflammation, and the annual boosters dogs have to receive also cause inflammation. When looking at the overall concept, holistic healing for dogs with cancer revolves around the concepts of lowering stress and improving the mind/body balance.




Reducing indoor air pollution such as asbestos, mold and second hand smoke is also important. Just as bringing those toxins into our bodies can do harm, it will affect a dog in the same way. When choosing holistic care for dogs with cancer you are committing to eliminating as many un-natural environmental toxins from their everyday life as possible. This holistic approach to cancer in dogs also includes both yard-care chemicals such as weed killers, fertilizers, etc and flea control products. All these products should be completely organic and all natural to successfully integrate with a holistic healing for dogs with cancer and to avoid a toxic overload of the body. This overload could lead to their internal natural cleansing processes being inhibited or shut down completely. Exercise is another essential component to holistic healing for dogs with cancer. Not only does exercise help keep your dog’s weight in control, but it is also a natural immune booster and stress reducer. All in all, holistic care for dogs with cancer is not a hard program to follow. Simple, logical decisions will guide the way and help you give your dog a healthier, happier life while allowing him/her to fight cancer.

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