Holistic cancer treatment for dogs

As canine cancers seem to be on the increase, more people are shunning conventional treatments and opting for holistic cancer treatment for dogs. Holistic cancer treatment for dogs place huge emphasis on cost-free, adequate nutrition.

You’ll be impressed by the many options Mother Nature has given us for the canine holistic cancer treatment and cure of cancer in dogs. Thankfully, these options are free, inexpensive, or very easy to find and prepare compared to their conventional counterparts. Here is a lowdown of canine holistic cancer treatment making the round in veterinary medicine.


holistic cancer treatment for dogs


The Budwig Diet: a classic canine holistic cancer treatment

The Budwig diet is a holistic cancer treatment for dogs that has garnered considerable fanfare among dog owners for meliorating the symptoms of cancer in their pets. Scientifically, The Budwig canine holistic cancer treatment is developed on the principle that cancer can develop when cells fail to absorb oxygen properly. This canine holistic cancer treatment comprises organic, cold-pressed, liquid flaxseed oil, mixed with organic cottage cheese. This water soluble mixture makes it easier to digest and metabolize, healing the cell membrane ultimately. Canines love the tastiness of premium quality flaxseed oil, making it a canine holistic cancer treatment worth considering.



Low-carbohydrate diet as a canine holistic cancer treatment

Holistic vets often recommend a canine holistic cancer treatment diet that is low in carbohydrates, with moderate protein and moderate to high fat for cancer patients. A diet of roughly 50% meat and up to 50 non-starchy vegetables or whole grain is a helpful holistic cancer treatment for dogs.


cancer dogs holistic treatment


Fish oils as a cancer dogs holistic treatment

Healthy fish oils like Omega-3, are the best cancer dogs holistic treatment because it trumps the other when it comes to providing additional fat. Cancer cells cannot use fat as a source of energy; hence, high-quality fats in the diet can correct the weight loss that is commonly associated with cancer patients.

Studies have found that omega-3 supplements are a holistic cancer treatment for dogs which lessens the odds of lymphoma. Omega-3 fatty acids support your dog’s immune system and cognate function. It also decreases the risk factor of other canine health disorders like allergies, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, liver & kidney disease. Sources of Omega-3 as cancer dogs holistic treatment include krill oil, flaxseed oil, hempseed oil, phytoplankton, and whole fish like mackerel, sardines and anchovies.



Water as a canine holistic cancer treatment

Water is a holistic cancer treatment for dogs which plays a crucial role in the health of all mammals. It comprises 75 to 80 percent of the body weight of dogs. Water is a cancer dogs holistic treatment that detoxifies and cleanses a mammal’s entire body. And that is why drinking water from the best sources is important for any dogs in their fight against cancer, kidney, liver, or immune system dysfunction. Water is widely regarded as a cost-free cancer dogs holistic treatment. Plain, old tap water is a cancer dogs holistic treatment which can be good for your dog depending on where you live. Tap water ranges from decent to toxic. Distilled water is not recommended for long-term consumption because it rips minerals away from the body. However, it can be helpful in a short-term detox regimen. Filtered water as a cancer dogs holistic treatment is the most suitable, followed by spring water. Overall, it is important to avoid hard water because they contain chemicals like fluoride, which can be damaging to your dog’s health.

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