After a thorough consultation with your veterinarian to determine the exact cause of your dog's illness, it is then important to weigh all your options carefully. If your dog has a cancer diagnosis, you may decide to aggressively treat your dog with conventional medical therapies. Or alternatively, you may want to consider a gentler, non-invasive approach. Although we at Buddy Custard cannot claim our product cures cancer (no one can) our blend has been re-engineered from the original Budwig formula and is to be used as an adjunct to your dog's normal daily diet. Buddy Custard may be used with or without medical treatment.
Originally developed for humans in the 1950s, this program has been beneficial to many patients, most notably our founder and CEO, Robert Schlien. Although we at Buddy Custard cannot claim to diagnose, treat or cure chronic diseases, this program has helped Robert and many alike ward off cancer, Robert has never received - and actually declined - doctor recommended conventional treatment for his non-Hodgkins lymphoma and simply utilized this program (based on the original formula developed by Dr. Budwig) helping him be cancer-free since 2011. Thousands of testimonials (see our website as well as online research and other websites) attest to the efficiency of this program for both humans and animals.
Of course. It's believed that the flax seed oil and our unique method of delivery into your dog's body may assist in the maintenance of overall good health in both humans and dogs. Arthritis, diabetes, skin, coat ailments and heart disease all benefit from flax oil, our main ingredient.
Our unique proven formula is non-invasive, all natural and very affordable. As an adjunct to your dog's normal daily diet, it may be used alone or with conventional medical therapies. There is simply nothing to lose and potentially much to gain.
Since the 1950s there have been countless testimonials, both human and animal. Some can be found on our website. Many more can be found at Healingcancernaturally.com and caninecancer.com. Additionally, many vets have endorsed the Budwig Protocol including: Dr. John B. Smith, "The Dog Doctor", Dr. David Vail, University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, and Dr. Steve Suter, Veterinary Oncologist.
The product recipe is adapted from the original formula developed by Dr Joanna Budwig over 60 years ago and re-designed to be suitable for canine consumption.
The ingredients are low fat cottage cheese, refined organic flax seed oil, stevia powder and peanut butter powder for the peanut flavored version. Our products are all-natural and of the highest quality.
Buddy Custard is made by combining the ingredients in a very specific method using an industrial immersion mixer. Simply blending or mixing of the ingredients is inadequate as that will alter the molecular structure and viscosity. Our method is identical to the one taught and used by Dr. Budwig.
Our experience has clearly shown that most of those who considered making this themselves, either found it inconvenient or didn't prepare the formula correctly. Our proprietary blend is based on the established technology of Dr. Budwig, and the method of ingredient combination is very specific in order for the compounds in Buddy Custard to blend correctly. Buddy Custard has been used for eight years successfully and our proprietary formula is designed to be delicious to dog's taste buds. We conveniently package the formula to "take the guesswork out".
Dogs enjoy the flavor and texture of Buddy Custard, which tastes like rich and delicious ice cream.
Buddy Custard comes in two varieties: original plain or peanut butter flavor.
Yes, Buddy Custard is manufactured in Delray Beach, Florida in the United States in a USDA and FDA approved facility.
All products in Buddy Custard are Kosher. Buddy Custard is not FDA/USDA approved, however it is manufactured in a USDA and FDA approved facility. We are simply a healthy food product, not a drug.


Buddy Custard is a food product with numerous healthy ingredients and a unique food delivery system that has been designed to assist both healthy and ill dogs. Consulting with your veterinarian before adding Buddy Custard to or changing your dog's diet is recommended. Buddy Custard was not developed to replace your dogs normal dog food- we are simply an adjunct formula which works best when mixed in with your dogs normal diet. Buddy Custard can be fed without mixing with your dogs food, but not in replacement of.
Buddy Custard should be mixed in with your dogs normal food, or fed separately. For dogs that are in good health, a 1/2 measured tablespoon should be fed for every 10 lbs of dog weight. For dogs that have serious health issues or chronic illnesses, a 1 measured tablespoon should be fed for every 10 lbs of your dogs weight.
Typically, once Buddy Custard becomes a regular part of your dog's diet, it is recommended for the dog to remain on the program for life, whether or not the dog is still ill.
We believe that you should discuss your dog's feeding plan with your vet. All dogs have varying characteristics and needs. Buddy Custard should simply be added to a normal daily diet or as a special treat.
Over the past 8 years we have noticed an immediate (within a few days) positive change for the better in your dogs energy and overall well-being.
Buddy Custard should be added to your dogs diet on a daily basis. It will not affect your dogs normal diet other than the possibility of an improvement of appetite as your dog's health improves.
In the 8 years that Buddy Custard has been tested and researched, there have not been any recorded side effects.
If your dog has internal bleeding, any health issues or is lactose intolerant, we recommend that you consult with your vet prior to feeding Buddy Custard to your dog.
Buddy Custard is specifically formulated for dog's taste buds. Most dogs really look forward to the Custard as a special treat. In the rare case that your dog doesn't like the custard, it can be easily modified for individual tastes. Simply add a little of your dog's favorite food such as honey or beef broth. All healthy, wholesome foods work well with Buddy Custard.


Each Buddy Custard package contains 20 ounces of custard, which equates to approximately 40 measured tablespoons of Buddy Custard.
Buddy Custard costs $39.95 for a container and we accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal. Buying larger quantities reduces the individual cost.
You can order Buddy Custard directly through our website at www.Buddycustard.com. Buddy custard can be ordered singularly or as a regular recurring delivery. Automated service includes a monthly supply at a discounted price. You never run out and you can cancel anytime.
The monthly continuity subscription program will automatically give you a 10% discount on you purchase forever.
When you make your initial purchase you will be asked if you would like Buddy Custard to re-ship your monthly order. Your payment information will be stored in our secure data base for future shipments. Simply tell us how many containers and the date you would prefer shipment on a monthly basis. Cancel at any time by giving us 24 hours notice prior to your scheduled shipping date.
Buddy Custard is packed with dry ice and shipped by UPS. Actual delivery times is 2-3 days anywhere in the continental United States. Overnight shipping is available for an additional cost.
Very! You can change addresses, rush, delay, or edit the amount of food we send. Once you’re signed up, you can easily make tweaks to your plan to your personal preference online.
Buddy Custard offers free shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. Additional international shipping fees will apply.
You will be able to track your order shipment either online or by calling our offices. Following your purchase, you will be given an account number, shipping date and arrival expectation. Both Buddy Custard and UPS will notify you by email to confirm shipping and arrival details.
You do not be there to sign for the package. Buddy Custard should arrive frozen. However, if you do not pick up your package within the 3 days of shipping it may arrive not frozen . Buddy Custard cannot guarantee the integrity of its quality if left unfrozen.
If your dog doesn’t love our food, we can send you additional recipes to try,
Buddy Custard will guarantee the integrity of our product. If you are not satisfied with our product for any reason please explain to our customer service department and a full refund will be issued. Do not return unused portion to our office.

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