Custard for dogs: should I feed my dog custard?

There are certain foods that humans eat which dogs can’t, and one of these is dog custard. Perhaps, your dog has seen you enjoying a bowl of pudding and has made irresistible eyes asking for a taste. Before going ahead and allowing your pup lick your bowl or making a small serving for him, here is what you should know about custard for dogs.


What ingredients are in custard?

There are different custard recipes but many of come with the same ingredients: milk or cream, salt, eggs and yolk, sugar, and flavorings.


Can dogs consume custard?

Yes, you can feed your pet dog custard, but there are some considerations.

First, most dogs are unable to digest milk. And while a small amount of milk won’t necessarily hurt your pet, it may lead to abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, bloating, stooling, vomiting, and constant gas.


custard for dogs


Another potential pitfall with dog custard is that custard contains sugar. Like human beings, dogs cold suffer the same adverse effects of sugar ingestion some of which include dental issues, diabetes, cancer, etc. To be safe, avoid feeding your dog custard with a lot of sugar repeatedly.

Lastly, flavoring can make custard toxic for your dog. Chocolate is an absolute, unequivocal NO. Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, which are known to cause toxicity in dogs. As a rule of thumb, the darker the chocolate is, the greater the toxins it contains.



So what types of dog custard are suitable?



Buddy Custard for dogs

Buddy Custard for dogs works by combining very high-grade flaxseed oil and cottage cheese, blended in a very specific way. When the dog ingests Buddy Custard for dogs, it infiltrates every cell of the dog’s body. The inspiration for this type of treatment is based upon The Budwig Protocol developed by Johanna Budwig in the ‘50s. Buddy Custard is a delicious treat that is beneficial for both healthy sick dogs. Dogs who are fed Buddy Custard for dogs are happier and livelier. You can mix Buddy Custard for dogs in your pet’s food. Buddy Custard has received rave reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers, who recommend it for daily use.


Features of Buddy Custard for dogs

All natural

Great tasting

Does not cause constipation

Remarkable results

Recommended for daily use


custard for dogs


DIY custard for dogs

Custard contains dairy and milk which dogs find difficult to metabolize. This is because they lack sufficient lactase – the enzyme responsible for metabolizing lactose in milk. This DIY recipe is designed to help your pet go low on milk and starch while enjoying a delicious, healthy treat.

A typical DIY dog custard consists of:


3 tbsp. of corn flour

½ tsps. of salt

½ can of evaporated milk and water making half a liter

2 egg yolks

1 tsps. vanilla



Custard for dogs are a great way of fortifying your pet’s meal with a delicious treat that they can savor on a daily basis. Buddy Custard for dogs is a great option which combines healthful ingredients that ensures that your dog lives a more robust, disease-free life. Buddy Custard is an all-natural dog custard that is great tasting, does not cause constipation, and delivers remarkable results.

  • Didi was supposed to be put down due to a large tumor in her heart. She developed severe edema as her organs began to shut down. She was deformed and depressed. Even her vet was reluctant to treat her. Not only did Buddy Custard save her life, she became a young energetic dog again. See Didi's video
  • Malcolm loves to bark at vacuum cleaners and dig in his owner's backyard. Buddy Custard's products have made sure that he will have many more years of enjoying his favorite hobbies and have a long healthy life.
  • Rascal had a growth on her chest and got on Buddy Custard to get healthy and stay healthy! Ain't she cute?! See Rascal's Video
  • Hemangiosarcoma spread rapidly, impacting Wanda's heart and spleen. Things were looking bleak. The vets were recommending highly aggressive treatments and giving little hope until Buddy Custard came into the picture. Wanda is fully in remission, proving you can't keep a good dog down.
  • Charlie loves eating Buddy Custard. It's not only delicious but it keeps him healthy and energetic for a long time! See Charlie's Video
  • Benji and Sherman fighting over their Buddy Custard, they love eating it every day to stay healthy and feeling young. See Benji & Sherman
  • Charlie's favorite part of the day is her delicious all natural Buddy Custard, keeping her healthy and feeling good for a long time. See Charlie's Video
  • "Luna was diagnosed with a mass cell. The vet said they will remove it and most likely it won't be a problem but it made us realize just how lucky we were to meet you. She loves her custard! She has buddy lips! (see picture) Thank you for all that you've done, she is doing great!" See Picture

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