Cancer treatment types of cancer and natural dog cancer remedies

When you hear that your dog has been diagnosed with cancer, it sends shivers down your spine. You may be pondering where to turn next to save your furry friend from pain and possible death.

But there is good news.

Developments in veterinary medicine have unraveled effective therapies that treat and even cure dog cancer. Natural dog cancer remedies are increasing improving the outcomes of a lot of dog cancer cases. Let’s examine some of the conventional and natural dog cancer remedies.


dog cancer remedies


Conventional treatment


Surgical removal

Surgery is the first line of action when localized cancer can be expunged completely. The lump is analyzed to discover whether it is prone to spread. The downside is that chances of complete expulsion is uncertain, and that is why this decision becomes more difficult.


Conventional radiation therapy

Conventional radiation therapy involves the use of focused rays to destroy or shrink cancers that cannot be completely or safely through surgical means. And while radiation therapy can be helpful for certain tumors, they are not without complications and risks. Your dog may start to develop considerable ulcers in his mouth and this can be painful.



Highly potent drugs are used to obliterate cancer cells, especially blood cell cancers like lymphoma and leukemia, as well as cancers that have metastasized. It may be administered orally or applied directly to the tumor.

Chemotherapy has good success rate among certain types of lymphoma in dogs, but for some other forms of cancer, they are ineffective and may result in side effects.


Natural Dog Cancer Remedies


Nutritional supplements

For decades, people speculated that nutritional supplements could be vital for the prevention, moderation, and remediation of cancer. Nutritional supplementation and herbs are natural dog cancer remedies that can help with the circumvention of cachexia (muscle wasting) linked to cancer. It may also lower the toxicity associated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, while decreasing the adverse effects of these therapies if one opts for them.

Supplements are also known to bolster the immune system and decrease the risk factor for metastases.


natural dog cancer remedies


Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy

Intravenous Vitamin C solutions is one of the most effective natural dog cancer remedies. It requires that administration of Vitamin C straight to the bloodstream. Vitamin C in high concentrations in the blood will act as a pro-oxidant instead as an antioxidant, generating hydrogen peroxide that has the potent to obliterate cancer cells at its initial phases. This is because healthy cells have the ability to nullify the effects of hydrogen peroxide, but cancer cells do not.



This is one of the new and safest natural dog cancer remedies to treat cancer in canines. Immunotherapy involves introducing small amounts the dog’s allergy in small amounts and increasing the dose gradually so that the dog develops tolerance to the allergens.

Young dogs may respond more favorably to immunotherapy than older dogs





This is one the special natural dog cancer remedies deployed today. It involves the use of very low temperatures to destroy malignant cells. This method is best for small, superficial tumors that affect the skin, eyelids, oral cavity, and peri-anal area.

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