One of the very first questions people ask when faced with a cancer diagnosis in their dog is, “What is the best diet for dogs with cancer”?  Unlike medication, chemotherapy and other traditional treatments, diet and nutrition are completely within our control.  Providing your dog with the best diet for dogs with cancer is a simple way you can make a change and be proactive in caring for your dog’s long-term health. 


best diet for dogs with cancer


Buddy Custard is NOT an all-inclusive diet.  It is a supplement to other components which combine to form the best diet for dogs with cancer.  The basics behind the best diet for dogs with cancer include:


Reducing carbohydrates

Including oils that are high in Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Finding appetizing food your dog will eat


Buddy Custard contributes to the best diet for dogs with cancer by providing Flax Seed Oil, a great source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, combined with cottage cheese, a fantastic source of protein.  These ingredients allow malignant cells to “reboot” and heal from the inside.  If your dog does not care for the taste of our original flavor, we also offer a peanut butter flavor which simply adds Stevia and an all-natural peanut butter flavoring to make it more appealing. 


Providing the best diet for dogs with cancer is vital as it addresses the issue of the changes in your dog’s metabolism as a result of the cancer.


cancer fighting diet for dogs

The metabolic changes a dog with cancer will go through can often cause weight loss, despite taking in the same amount of nutrition they were taking in, and which was sustaining them, prior to their diagnosis. This condition is not specific to dogs, it occurs in approximately 87% of hospitalized human cancer patients as well. Weight loss affects the dog’s ability to respond to treatment, fight the cancer, and results in a shortened survival time. Thus, the importance of finding a cancer fighting diet for dogs, that works specifically for your dog.

The metabolic changes a dog with cancer experiences causes carbohydrates, fats and proteins to be utilized differently in very different ways. Balancing these nutrients with clean, organic, meats and fresh vegetables high in antioxidants (important whenever Omega 3 supplements are given) are the secret to a successful cancer fighting diet for dogs.




Reducing carbohydrates is the first, and possibly most important step in forming your cancer fighting diet for dogs.  Cancer cells metabolize carbohydrate sugars differently, effectively feeding the cancer and pulling energy away from your dog – reducing their ability to fight the disease.  The ideal cancer fighting diet for dogs will be made up of fresh, readily available, easily digested and foods that are appealing to your dogs.  Organic meats are vegetables are preferred as any unnatural pesticides and fertilizers brought into your dog’s body is just one more thing for their system to have to clean out.  Additionally, there could be extra bacteria that would potentially harm a dog with a weakened immune system.  A successful cancer fighting diet for dogs will also contain a higher content of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, as well as Vitamin C/Antioxidants.  Vegetables are also a vital part of a cancer fighting diet for dogs.  Cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower, and other high fiber vegetables are key to helping the body product anticancer enzymes.  Additionally, these vegetables have been shown to help lower the risk of lung, stomach and colorectal cancers in humans, we have no reason to think they would not have the same results on dogs.  The high fiber content in these cruciferous vegetables also help to regulate bowel health which directly affects your dog’s overall health.  Vegetables can be served pureed and mixed into your dog’s food, served raw and crunchy, or lightly steamed.  It may take a little trial and error but with patience you will be able to find the right balance of ingredients to make the best cancer fighting diet for dogs, for your dog.

  • Didi was supposed to be put down due to a large tumor in her heart. She developed severe edema as her organs began to shut down. She was deformed and depressed. Even her vet was reluctant to treat her. Not only did Buddy Custard save her life, she became a young energetic dog again. See Didi's video
  • Malcolm loves to bark at vacuum cleaners and dig in his owner's backyard. Buddy Custard's products have made sure that he will have many more years of enjoying his favorite hobbies and have a long healthy life.
  • Rascal had a growth on her chest and got on Buddy Custard to get healthy and stay healthy! Ain't she cute?! See Rascal's Video
  • Hemangiosarcoma spread rapidly, impacting Wanda's heart and spleen. Things were looking bleak. The vets were recommending highly aggressive treatments and giving little hope until Buddy Custard came into the picture. Wanda is fully in remission, proving you can't keep a good dog down.
  • Charlie loves eating Buddy Custard. It's not only delicious but it keeps him healthy and energetic for a long time! See Charlie's Video
  • Benji and Sherman fighting over their Buddy Custard, they love eating it every day to stay healthy and feeling young. See Benji & Sherman
  • Charlie's favorite part of the day is her delicious all natural Buddy Custard, keeping her healthy and feeling good for a long time. See Charlie's Video
  • "Luna was diagnosed with a mass cell. The vet said they will remove it and most likely it won't be a problem but it made us realize just how lucky we were to meet you. She loves her custard! She has buddy lips! (see picture) Thank you for all that you've done, she is doing great!" See Picture

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