Anti Cancer Supplements For Dogs

If humans directed all scientific efforts towards knowing what dogs should be eating in nature, we wouldn’t have developed commercial pet food. We have the intervention of holistic veterinarians to thank for unraveling the tremendous importance of nutrition through anti cancer supplements for dogs that support the body’s healing process.

No matter the type of cancer your dog has and what type of treatment you choose, you can fortify his immune mechanism though anti cancer supplements for dogs.


anti cancer supplements for dogs


Protein as a cancer fighting supplements for dogs

Cancer patients need ample amounts of protein anti cancer supplements for dogs. Glucose and lactate – byproducts of carbohydrate metabolism – feed cancer cells. We recommending avoiding large portions of grains and other carbohydrates in your dog’s diet, especially for dog cancer patients.

Basically, the immune system is a protein-based mechanism. In cancer-stricken animals, the body is continuously looking for more protein because the immune mechanism is collapsing, so it pulls protein away from the muscles. Raw meat, poultry, eggs, and legumes will ensure that the cancer does not waste your dog’s muscles and leave them emaciated.



Vitamin and mineral supplements as a cancer fighting supplements for dogs

The hallmark of the holistic approach towards cancer is the focus on the patient, rather than on the disease. When you supplement the immune system, you can stop the tumor from growing and the cancer from spreading. When the tumor is not growing, the patient may survive. Feed your dog with cancer fighting supplements for dogs like Vitamins A, B, C, and E, omega-3, zinc, selenium, sulfur, and phosphorus. These vitamins and minerals contain antioxidants – free radical predators – that like to tear up free radicals so that the cancer fails to latch on the body’s resources. Vitamin and mineral anti cancer supplements for dogs can be obtained from berries, green tea, pomegranates, cruciferous vegetables (Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower).


cancer fighting supplements for dogs


Curcumin as a cancer fighting supplements for dogs

Adding curcumin-rich turmeric to your dog’s meal is one way to supplement his diet and get rid of cancer progressively. The dosage can range from 125mg to 500mg for a 25-pound canine. Get an actual curcumin cancer fighting supplements for dogs or humans and not grocery store turmeric used in the kitchen.



Phytoplankton as a cancer fighting supplements for dogs

Phytoplankton are very small plants that float near the surface of the water. Phytoplankton contains Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), the king of antioxidants. This is a very potent antioxidant anti cancer supplements for dogs which kills cancerous cells. The National Cancer Institute asserts that phytoplankton possess cancer-removing potential. A phytoplankton anti cancer supplements for dogs can deliver beneficial levels of EPA and DHA. Animals with long lifespans like sea turtles contain large quantities of SOD. Animals with a short span like mice contain only a small amount of SOD. Generally, when starting a supplement, it is always recommended to start at the lower end of the dosage spectrum and work your way up to higher levels. Ideally, it is best to start one anti cancer supplements for dogs at a time to observe how tolerant your pet is to that particular product. Focusing on a holistic method to supporting your dog’s cancer eradication using the right cancer fighting supplements for dogs will help maintain his quality of life.

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