Alternative cancer treatments for dogs

Cancer is a dreadful reality for dog owners nowadays. It is responsible for causing close to 50% death of canines over age 10. And in the “techified” world of modern medicine, it seems that all clinicians, vets, and patients have internalized conventional methods like photodynamic therapy, immunotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, chemotherapy, oncology, and prescription drugs to meliorate the disease.

Sadly, conventional cancer treatments in dogs are known to use poisons obliterate the cancerous cells while creating other immune problems down the line. These methods consider the tumor to be separate from the body attacks it as such. Alternative cancer treatments for dogs, however, delivers a more holistic approach and takes the tumor as part of the same energy form that created the rest of the body. The body is essentially rebalanced and reset so that it expels the cancerous cells naturally in what is now appreciated as a veritable canine lymphoma alternative cancer treatment for dogs.

Let’s discuss the various frequently deployed alternative medicine for dogs with cancer.


Alternative cancer treatments for dogs


Diet and Nutrition

Unfortunately, there are lots of commercial dog foods on the web, and they do a horrendous job of delivering sufficient nutrition for dogs. Most dog meals are inundated with fillers and derivatives that are cheap but do not meet a dog’s nutritional requirements, particularly when a dog is down with cancer. For a proper alternative medicine for dogs with cancer, your dog needs foods that are rich in fundamental supplements like digestive enzymes, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and medicinal herbs.


Maintain the right healing environment is a good canine lymphoma alternative treatment

A dog’s immune mechanism is naturally built to withstand environmental insults, but when dealing with cancer, a viable canine lymphoma alternative treatment would be to emphasize on the malignant growth itself. Sadly, the modern environment – rife with indoor air pollution and other environmental toxins – hampers their immune system, leading to the inability to battle cancer. The biggest environmental culprits include pesticides and chemical cleaners, which the dog easily sniffs because of its closeness to the ground where the concentration of the spritz is greatest. Ultimately, the dog licks its fur and ingests the toxins that come from these nefarious chemicals.


alternative cancer treatments for dogs


Also, most people think that they can mask the unpleasant pet smell by installing plug-in air fresheners, but little do they know these are direct source of petrochemicals. Opting for natural, green, and non-invasive cleaning products go a long way to control the toxic load of your four-legged friend.


Alternative Medicine For Dogs With Cancer

While a dog’s natural immune mechanism can be tenacious, Canine Lymphoma is a very devastating condition. With the right support, their bodies can slow down the cancerous cells when administered a number of natural vitamins and supplements that can serve as effective canine lymphoma alternative treatment. Buddy Custard is an all-natural that is formulated to supplement the nutritional requirements of dogs enabling them to feel their best and boost their health or you can say its a kind of alternative medicine for dogs with cancer. With 70 years of research behind it, we recommend it as a suitable alternative cancer treatments for dogs.



Energy work & alternative cancer treatment for dogs

Holistic treatment involves homeopathy and features techniques such as acupuncture to chiropractic care, reiki, etc., designed to provide support and healing for pets. These treatments are performed by licensed veterinarians & are alternative cancer treatment for dogs, while some can be offered by energy healers in the community. There are different remedies, and each one has a unique effect on each dog. Hence, we recommend that you study and learn what forms of energy work, treatments and know what is best for your dog.

  • Didi was supposed to be put down due to a large tumor in her heart. She developed severe edema as her organs began to shut down. She was deformed and depressed. Even her vet was reluctant to treat her. Not only did Buddy Custard save her life, she became a young energetic dog again. See Didi's video
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