The Holiday Gifts for Dogs

The Holiday Gifts for Dogs

The Holiday Gifts for Dogs

The Holiday Gifts for Happy & Healthy Dogs

Our wish this holiday season is for all dogs to be happy and healthy. Adding Buddy Custard to your dog’s daily routine can help support a healthy immune system. But when combined with the right interactive toys Buddy Custard can also be part of the mental enrichment your dogs need.

Happy and Healthy with Buddy Custard

Like good nutrition, enrichment is a vital part of our dog’s overall well-being.  Also like nutrition, it is easy to let it slide through the cracks! But once you start providing appropriate outlets for enrichment (or nutrition), you will see what a positive difference it makes in your dogs.

So what exactly is enrichment? It is adding things to our dogs’ environments that make life more interesting. Giving them owner approved outlets for performing natural behaviors like sniffing, chewing, and playing. Giving them opportunities to use their minds to figure out how to get the things they want. Without these opportunities, dogs can get bored or even depressed and destructive.

There are many great toys that offer food enrichment. Most often they are stuffed with a treat, or peanut butter. But if your dog loves Buddy Custard (as most dogs do) it is a great way to add variety to that rotation. And it is a more nutritious filling option.

A few things to keep in mind when feeding Buddy Custard:

  1. Because the product does need refrigeration, you will want to make sure the dog is able to get all of the custard in about an hour’s time, then the toy will need to be washed.
  2. Keep in mind the suggested amount of Buddy Custard your dog should get each day. For dogs that are in good health, a 1/2 measured tablespoon should be fed for every 10 lbs of dog weight. For dogs that have serious health issues or chronic illnesses, a 1 measured tablespoon should be fed for every 10 lbs of your dog’s weight.

So with this in mind we would like to suggest a few toys to consider putting under your tree!

Wilson Wares Dog Toothbrush Chew Toy

This is a toy that we found by accident this year and caught our curiosity because you can squeeze toothpaste in and under the teeth on this crocodile-like head and it scrubs the dog’s teeth and gums as they work to get the paste out.

This toy is labeled for medium and large dogs but may work for other sizes as well!

They loved it so much, I tried hiding their kibble between the teeth, but it is much easier to put a treat that can be smeared, like Buddy Custard, in the gator teeth. It keeps them engaged much longer.

This toy comes with its own cleaning brush, so after an hour, it can be washed with hot water and soap, using the little brush to get into the teeth.

The company states that this toy is great for even aggressive chewers. And the teeth and bumps can help reduce tartar and plaque. So this is a great toy for fun and function.

Hyper Pet IQ Treat Mat

Lick mats have been hot this year! The idea here is to spread lickable foods (like Buddy Custard!) on the mats and your dog licks it off. Many people use lick mats to keep their dogs busy while they do some light grooming.

Hyper Pet states that studies show repetitive licking increases endorphins (and a quick Google search agrees with this), so giving your dogs an opportunity to use a lick mat can be part of their relaxation regiment.

Lick mats have textured surfaces that can be calming and engaging. Hyper Pet offers several different versions with different textures. Offering different textures each day makes the activity more interesting for your dogs!

This couldn’t be easier to prepare: spread the Buddy Custard on the mats. If you have more than one mat, you can prep them on one day and put the extras in the freezer for other days.

As your dog licks, not only does it relax him or her, but the texture will clean your dog’s tongue, which will promote better breath (a gift for everyone!).

When your dog is done, these can be thrown in the top rack of your dishwasher to be cleaned.

The Green Apple Surprise!

While not all fruit is safe for dogs, the green apple gets the green light from the ASPCA. On their website they say, “It is one of the most beneficial fruits for the dog’s body. Its nutritional properties provide vitamins and fiber to the animal….  There is one part of the apple that should not be given to the dog: the heart. All seeds in general, and apple seeds in particular, are detrimental to the health of faithful furry companions.”

So here is how to make a Buddy Custard green apple:

  • Remove all labels on the apple and wash the skin with water.
  • Using an apple correr remove the center, being sure all of the stem and seeds are removed.
  • Fill the core with your dog’s recommended daily allowance of Buddy Custard.

And let your dog at it. Your dog is in charge of the clean up here!

Can’t pick just one? Cycle through them all so your dog has a different experience every day.

Do you have a toy suggestion for feeding Buddy Custard? Let us know. Post your pictures on social media and be sure to tag us!