It’s Different: Understand the Science behind Buddy Custard

Understand The Science Behind Buddy Custard

It’s Different: Understand the Science behind Buddy Custard

In current times, pet dogs are more vulnerable to diseases and illnesses than ever before. One could blame this cause on the repeated selective breeding of dogs. While some blame the carcinogenic pet snacks that people feed their dogs. Plenty of causes contribute to the 79% increase in diabetes in dogs. Apart from diabetes, studies have found that 74% of dogs over the age of 10 suffer from cancer.

Dogs also suffer from heart conditions and arthritis. You can hold selective breeding accountable for these conditions. Selective breeding involves the interbreeding of dogs for retaining the pedigree characteristics of a particular dog breed. Most of the mastiff breeds suffer from heart conditions and arthritis because of their large physical features. Their huge bodies put a strain on their hearts and cause their bones to weaken.

Any selective breeding that pushes the dog’s features to look distinctive from their primary ancestors, the wolf, results in a breed vulnerable to diseases and illnesses. Despite this concerning fact, dogs can still flourish and attain longevity with the help of certain petraceutical products. Advances in pet care manage to introduce products for dogs that actively counter their health conditions. These products include supplementation and nutrition that controls and help biochemical processes.

In current times, wellness products such as these are crucial for a dog’s optimum health conditions. Products like Buddy Custard revolutionize the pet wellness industry, an amazing product in terms of overcoming diseases. Not only is it great for the dog’s health, but also offers a yummy wellness treat that dogs cannot resist. Therefore, you do not have to face the troubles of force-feeding your dog since they are most likely to finish a spoonful in seconds.

What is Buddy Custard?

Buddy custard is a dog wellness product and treatment that has a flavorful blend of peanut butter so every dog can enjoy it. You can find Buddy custard in original and peanut butter flavorings, four main ingredients for Buddy Custard are cottage cheese, flaxseed, stevia, and oil. It provides dogs with the essential nutrients to live a long and healthy life. The incredible benefits and natural ingredients of the buddy custard allow dog owners to use it as a healthy treat or even a full meal.

Benefits of Buddy Custard

Incorporating Buddy Custard into a dog’s regular diet will drastically increase their health. It will rejuvenate the cells in their body so they can fight against arthritis, diabetes, heart diseases, pancreatic diseases, and other chronic diseases. Furthermore, Buddy custard can be pivotal for dogs suffering from cancer. It is a non-toxic and natural treatment for cancer, an incredible alternative to other stressful and expensive treatments. It can significantly slow down the growth of cancer cells in a canine and it does so by providing the necessary fatty acids to the cells.

The Science behind Buddy Custard

Buddy Custard works, and there is plenty of scientific evidence that supports its success. Buddy Custard consists of Flax seeds. This ingredient is rich in essential fatty acids, mostly omega fatty-3 acids. Simultaneously, the cottage cheese in the Buddy custard contains sulfur protein. This blend of fatty acids and sulfur proteins is what makes Buddy Custard so impactful in terms of wellness and countering cancer.

When the sulfur proteins interact with the fatty acids inside the body, they tend to make them more water-soluble. When fatty acids become water-soluble, they easily permeate cell membranes. When provided the essential and soluble fatty acids, a dog’s body can undergo significant anti-cancer changes. This involves the suppressing of cancerous cells and limiting the total cholesterol concentration that can lead to heart conditions. Buddy Custard is a derivative of Dr. Joanna Budwig’s research in the 1950s.

Budwig’s Protocol

The founder of Buddy Custard, Robert Schlien became a victim of Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2005. Doctors started prescribing him conventional cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. However, he sought less invasive and non-toxic treatments for cancer. This made him stumble upon Budwig’s protocol for cancer.

This protocol is intended to make simple dietary changes to heal from cancer. The study of Joanna Budwig inferred that the combination of sulfur protein and omega-3 fatty acids tend to make fatty acids more water-soluble. Therefore, this enables the cells to absorb the essential fatty acid that makes weak cells re-oxygenate and heal.

When Robert Schlien started abiding by the Budwigs diet, his health saw a remarkable improvement. The cancer in his body became non-detectable just by following Budwig’s protocol. This not only legitimizes the science behind Lugwig’s protocol but also provides hard evidence for its success. Later on, Robert Schlien figured out that this protocol is equally as effective for dogs, which is how he came up with Buddy Custard.

Historical Significance of Flax

Herbal treatments have been the cornerstone of medical practice for centuries. Humans have been consuming Flax seeds for many years. You can realize its importance when you begin to study its ancient roots that date back to the Vedic times. Ayurvedic tradition is one of the most ancient traditions that are still alive and thriving in some parts of India and Sri-Lanka.

Records show that flax seeds have been a part of the human diet in prehistoric times. It has also been included in many traditions and rituals as an essential healing herb that prevents aging and fights against fatigue. Besides Ayurvedic traditions, historians such as Hippocrates recommended the use of Flax for medicinal and nutritional purposes.

To Conclude

Buddy Custard is unlike any dog treat or wellness product that you may come across. An emphatic dog food nourishes canines and mitigates potential risk factors. It is unlike any other preservative-fueled dog foods. Instead it is a combination of natural ingredients without any chemical additives. Buddy Custard’s ultimate goal is to rid dog-owners from invasive and expensive treatments. The company envisions an environment where people opt for better and healthier options for dog treatments. Due to this vision, the company Buddy Custard also seeks to incorporate a wellness treat that involves the use of CBD. Therefore, putting your trust in Buddy Custard opens you up to plenty of natural treatments for your dog.