Robert Schlien Interview Part 3 of 3

Buddy Custard interview 3 of 3

Robert Schlien Interview Part 3 of 3

In Part 1 of our interview with Robert Schlien, founder of Buddy Custard, we discussed his dream of launching a product specifically developed to help dogs prevent and treat chronic illnesses such as cancer, arthritis, heart disease and more.  In part 2 we learned about what Buddy Custard hopes to accomplish in the coming 12-18 months.  Part 3 talks about future plans and partnership opportunities.

What is the five-year plan for Buddy Custard? Over the next five years Buddy Custard has many objectives. We plan on introducing our unique formulas to the Feline and Equine marketplace by our second year in production; chronic illnesses are seriously affecting both cats and horses to the degree that the numbers are staggering. Initial studies indicate similar results from both canine and human usage of our products. In our third year we will be introducing our products for use on humans. The legal and technological hurdles can be challenging and the company feels that by gaining traction in the pet industry we will initially be able to provide the guidelines which address the human need for our products.

Is Buddy Custard partnered or planning on partnering with anyone? The question of Buddy Custard partnering with others has come up many times while we were in ” R&D” phase. The potential for Buddy Custard is huge and our primary interest would be to reach as many households and as quickly as possible to positively affect pet health issues or concerns. We have had numerous discussions with large funding institutions who have Buddy Custard on their radar. The industry is growing rapidly by acquisition and we are open to accelerating our distribution channels by either a takeover or influx of substantial capital. Our goal ultimately is to get Buddy Custard readily available so we can help affect the health of as many dogs, cats, horses, and humans as possible.

With so much excitement about the launch, we are excited to share so much more with you. As we respond to inquiries and questions, we are seeing that so many of you share the same needs. Your pets, like ours, are a priority. With a decline of their physical health, the stress of caring for a unwell animal can be taxing. Buddy Custard is a product that has come from a direct response to this exact problem. To find out more information about the scient behind Buddy Custard and the role that you can play in your dog’s health, visit our “Scientific Data” section to learn more.