Robert Schlien Interview Part 2 of 3

buddy custard interview 2 of 3

Robert Schlien Interview Part 2 of 3

In Part 1 of our interview with Robert Schlien, founder of Buddy Custard, we discussed his dream of launching a product specifically developed to help dogs prevent and treat chronic illnesses such as cancer, arthritis, heart disease and more.  In part 2 we will learn about what Buddy Custard hopes to accomplish in the coming 12-18 months. 

Q: Why is Buddy Custard’s launch significant?

A: The launch of Buddy Custard is important to our company in that we know that the pet care industry is booming and the need for a product like ours is long overdue. Our animals are literally suffering from the same diseases we are, yet the options to help them are so limited.  Conventional treatments are invasive, can cause side effects that are sometimes worse than the condition they are fighting, and in the end are often not effective or are cost prohibitive.

Although we cannot claim that our product can cure, treat or mitigate any disease we hope and expect that dog owners and lovers will give Buddy Custard a try. The cost is inexpensive, and the product is 100% non-invasive, especially compared to traditional medical treatments. Our philosophy for the skeptics is “there is no harm in trying. What do you have to lose?”  With that, we believe that this product can be incredibly impactful in your life and the life of your pet. Whether your dog is healthy or not, it will benefit them.  All dogs love the taste.

We are curious as to the reaction pet owners will have at the prospective benefits that Buddy Custard offers to the multitude of chronic diseases plaguing dogs today. The challenge we face will be our ability to monitor the thoughts and opinions of the public when our products come to market, solely using digital marketing and social media to effectively get our message across.

Q: What are your hopes and ambitions for the coming year?

A: This year we envision seeing Buddy Custard arriving in homes across the country. We are so excited to see our product, which not only will save many pets lives, but offer a logical and realistic solution to those who have lost hope; be put to use and begin helping the lives of these dogs that are such an important part of people’s families.  By delivering an affordable and non-invasive option for dogs’ health challenges we truly are realizing a dream.   

Over the next 12 months Buddy Custard is planning on introducing other variations to our line, including CBD Buddy Custard. Additionally, the company will be introducing our naturally occurring “Probiotic” formula for canine use in all flavors. One of our key ingredients is Cottage Cheese which produces healthy probiotics naturally during our proprietary manufacturing process. Infusing Buddy Custard with CBD, thus far seems to cohere perfectly with both our manufacturing and blending criteria standards. The potential benefits for dogs ingesting CBD and having it combined with our blend are overwhelmingly positive!  So many dogs suffer from anxiety and arthritis, and CBD has been proven to be beneficial in treating these conditions, we are very hopeful we will be able to bring this product to our customers within the year.  Not only has Buddy Custard been studying the legalities of CBD, we have also been experimenting and helping dogs with effects of CBD to ensure it is safe for use on our pets.