Robert Schlien Interview Part 1 of 3

Robert Schlien Interview Part 1 of 3

When Buddy Custard was launched, a dream of our founder, Robert Schlien, was realized.  Robert’s hope is to change the lives of our pets countrywide.  We at Buddy Custard pride ourselves on transparency and honesty. Taking a moment out of his busy day, our CEO has given some insight into Buddy Custard’s vision and long-term plans so that you too can take part in our growth. Take a moment and see how you can relate to some of the vision that is the future of Buddy Custard.

Q:  What separates Buddy Custard from other nutritional supplements on the market?

A:  The question of other products on the market competing with Buddy Custard has certainly been a point of discussion within the past 4 years. We are so unique because we have only 2-4 ingredients in our products, all of which are completely natural and even safe for human consumption. Our manufacturing is based in the USA and everything is produced in USDA and FDA approved facilities. Although Buddy Custard is not an FDA approved product, we are proud of our standards in manufacturing. What sets us apart particularly is our ingredients which have incredible health properties. Recently, some of the largest pet food companies have come under fire for their use of preservatives, chemicals and the processing of their products. Buddy Custard is a clean, simple and healthy addition to your pets’ diet. Our healthy formula speaks for itself indicated by Dr. Budwig’s successes for over 60 years. There is no other product on the market that is anything close to Buddy Custard.

Q: What do you feel is the biggest win for Buddy Custard thus far?

A:The biggest win for our company is absolutely what we have done with replicating the powerful benefits established by Dr. Budwig’s protocol. The benefits of our unique formula and delivery system enables us to adjust the formula specifically for the needs of canines, which was our original goal when I imagined this product and company.  Chronic illnesses in our pets such as diabetes, arthritis, cancer and heart disease are an epidemic and we feel that the benefits of our core ingredient which is Flax Seed oil can help these ailments. If you refer to the “Scientific Data” section of our website, you will be able to understand more about the potential benefits of Flax Seed Oil. Equally important is our delivery method. Altering our formula into a delicious treat for so many of our pets who are facing health challenges has been monumental for us. We have worked hard to deliver Buddy Custard as a frozen product for easy storage and usage directly to the pet owner’s door. Whether the pet is having health difficulties or not, the convenience of delivering the correct formulation is a windfall for the pet owner and his companion. Essentially, we took the guess work out of attempting to create your own dietary supplement. Our customers don’t have to worry about properly mixing ingredients, due to our unique and patent pending technology, storing or administering Buddy Custard.