Budwig Diet for Dogs

BUDWIG for dogs

Budwig Diet for Dogs

The way animals relate to us is not limited to their cognitive function. While there is an understanding that pets feel emotions close to humans, they also have some physiological similarities as well. For a number of years, scientists and researchers have been using pig hearts for testing purposes because of their very specific similarities anatomically to a human heart. The clinical tests that have been used on pig hearts have produced a number of pharmaceutical and technological advances in the treatment of human conditions. Learning more about the similarities between animals and humans is producing an astonishing amount of healing for the human population. However, the benefits are not just limited to the human species. The growing wisdom on disease in humans, also has provided advancements in holistic medical treatments and remedies for pets as well. Buddy Custard, a solution geared at helping dogs stay healthy and away from certain ailments , is a good example of the evolution of research in remedies. Buddy Custard is based off of a renown treatment used by many humans and has now been converted into an all-natural healthy treat for pets as well.

The Budwig Diet has been in practice for over 50 years. With that amount of time elapsed already, there is a strong following of individuals who are able to testify to its effectiveness with their existing condition. Primarily, the Budwig Diet has been pronounced heavily in the treatment of those with cancer that is generally treatment resistant. The outpour of testimonies from survivors is indicative of the success of the program and its credibility. When evaluating treatment methods for one another, it is rare to consider the health of our pets in relation to this. However, the brilliance of the correlation is ground breaking when the two pieces are combined.

Since Buddy Custard’s introduction into the lives of pets, the popularity has only grown. Overwhelming improvement of health by dogs are evidence to the fact that both humans and dogs can benefit from this unique and underutilized protocol. This is why Buddy Custard has a pace in the market today. The recipe of Buddy Custard is not a get-rich-quick scheme of the pet health industry. It is a tried and true method to improve the overall health of the pet and with the help of Dr. Budwig, promote immunity and resistance to harmful cells.

While not limited to cancer, a great deal of those pets and humans alike are using the treatment as a method to eradicate the known health burdens that they have in their life. It is important to mention that Buddy Custard cannot make claims that it cures or prevents Cancer or other ailments (nobody can), though it has been instrumental in the wellbeing and overall health in pets. A pet owner evaluating the care of their animal could spend thousands on just trying out a treatment that may or may not work effectively in remedying the pet’s problem. With Buddy Custard, there is an affordable way to directly influence the immune response and give the dog a healthy boost. Buddy Custard is an affordable healthy product for dogs based on the Budwig Protocol by Dr. Johanna Budwig.

The cause and the cure are close to home for the founder of Buddy Custard. After experiencing how impactful the Budwig Diet was with his own illness, Robert Schlien created Buddy Custard to share the healing results with his canine companions. Buddy Custard works for a number of reasons with pets. The first is that pet’s digest fats in a very similar way to humans. Therefore, the formula increases the volume of nutrients and essential combatants for disease that can be included in the regular diet of dogs.

Buddy Custard is different from any other health food product for pets for a number of factors but the reason your dog would tell you, is taste. Buddy Custard is creamy and cold, perfect for your pet, especially during the summer. So many pet owners struggle with sneaking medications and nutrients into food with the worry of the dog eventually spitting out the actual treat it was intended to eat. Pets end up craving Buddy Custard in the same way they do Peanut Butter and table scraps, because its delicious. The recipe is formulated not only to promote health and wellness, but also for the taste profile for the dog. There is a discernable difference between current health food aides and Buddy Custard, flavor being a very important one.

Buddy Custard is taking the world by storm for its invaluable benefits and unique holistic approach. As more and more humans realize the crucial aspects of diets, the more dogs will be able to reap the wellness rewards of this as well. The ingredient list has become something much more investigated over the last few decades, creating a great deal of noise surrounding the impact of diet on life expectancy and longevity. With these fears being even more real than ever, Buddy Custard creates a product that is not limited to just complimenting a regular routine. While delicious, Buddy Custard packs a punch for those diseases that attack the furry favorites. With healthy fats that allow your pet to heal without any toxic chemicals or radioactive treatments, the serving size is perfect for healing the body of your pet with nourishment. Buddy Custard is an all-natural healthy alternative made of only 2 ingredients (or 4 ingredients with the Peanut Butter flavor) and made locally here in the U.S.A.. Without the nasty side effects of chemotherapy or radiation, the body is able to focus itself on the one thing that matters, healing. Buddy Custard knows how difficult sickness can be, in solidarity, there is healing.