What Is Buddy Custard?


What Is Buddy Custard?

what is buddy custard

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”- Hippocrates.

An age old saying that still holds true. In a society that praises western medicine, it often becomes difficult to explore alternative remedies. However, our natural resources have served as medicine for the expanse of time and have lent themselves to us for cures to many problems. For Dr. Johanna Budwig the exploration of natural remedies became a craft. There’s no voodoo magic or hoping on a prayer for her remedies. As a scientist she spent many years studying fats and identified a unique way to help adapt the body to become more equipped to fight illness. In doing so, she found a method that revolutionized treatment for individuals with chronic health conditions that are often fatal. Her method involves incorporating a high volume of polysaturated fat into the diet which, as she observed, prevents the agents of cancer from being able to grow.

Bringing the Budwig Diet to Man’s Best Friend

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Buddy Custard is an all-natural nutritional product that adapts Dr. Johanna Budwig’s protocol and makes it pet friendly. Many pets suffer from similar conditions to humans. They develop cancer and autoimmune disorders and have symptoms that mirror our own. The alternatives to treatment often appear to be inconsistent with results and lack credibility. After being diagnosed with cancer Robert Schlien, the founder of Buddy Custard, found success using Dr. Budwig’s protocol. When he was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, he knew that there was more he could do besides harsh treatments. When Robert implemented the protocol of Dr. Budwig, he was able to experience changes in his diagnoses. He incorporated the dietary tools of the Budwig Diet and realized how impactful the nutrient profiles of his food choices were in reversing his own condition.

After realizing the wonders of the dietary changes, Schlien wanted to share the benefits with others as well. He also realized what a benefit this could be to furry friends as well. The remarkable transformations we’ve been told about have been miraculous to many. Because of the science behind the formula, the natural remedies have often left pets with more energy, quicker healing, and stronger resilience.

As experience by many others, the beauty of Buddy Custard is that it does not have any harsh effects on the body. In a world of pharmaceutical cures, a natural response with no negative reactions is exactly what you’re looking for when you want to treat your pet. The formula is simple and converts omega-3 oils into a more water-soluble form which ends up increasing immunity in the pet.

There’s not always a magic pill but Buddy Custard is pretty close. As a nutritious and delicious treat, Buddy Custard is shipped frozen to ensure maximum freshness. It is loved by pets regardless of their health. Because of its rich custardy consistency which is available in both Original and Peanut Butter flavor, pets love to enjoy it. Whether your pet may be suffering with severe illness or is otherwise healthy, the benefits of Buddy Custard are innumerable. With opportunity for optimal health, our product allows for you to not experience any risks when it comes to the treatment of your pet and is a much more affordable alternative to surgeries and radiation. As many of our clients have shared with us, the outcome of their pet’s health has been a testament to the strength of this formula.